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Need denture repairs? No problem! Yukon Dentistry does it all.

Are you one of the nearly 20% of Canadians who don't have a dentist? Then, you need to meet our team at Yukon Dentistry. Our talented dental professionals care for your natural teeth, help you replace missing teeth with dentures, and even provide expert denture repairs.

Although tooth loss is declining, experts still estimate that 6.4% of Canadians have no natural teeth of their own. If you're looking for a qualified dental professional to help you choose the best tooth-replacement option for you, then contact our clinic at 867-668-3909 or online here.

Here, we'll explain how our team can fix broken dentures using top-of-the-line denture repair techniques and quality materials. We promise--you'll love the professional repair services we offer at our clinic!

Aren't dentures a permanent solution?

There are many types of dentures, including:

  • Full dentures--also known as complete or traditional dentures
  • Partial dentures, like fixed dental bridges
  • Removable dentures
  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Immediate dentures

A set of dentures is a long-term solution to replace missing teeth. In fact, many dental professionals agree that patients can expect to enjoy their appliance for five to ten years.

However, dentures are not immune to damage. So, when dentures break, it's crucial to repair dentures. Otherwise, your appliance can sustain further damage that compromises your oral health (including your gums, jawbone, and remaining teeth!).

What are the common causes of broken dentures?

Not sure if you have a broken denture? Here are common reasons why you may need denture repair:

  • Your denture is getting older and showing signs of wear and tear, like cracks in the pink acrylic denture plate.
  • Your denture broke after dropping it.
  • Your denture has a broken tooth or a tooth chips
  • You're experiencing mouth discomfort while wearing your appliance.
  • Your denture doesn't fit properly anymore.
  • Your implant-supported dentures aren't firmly attaching to your dental implants.

If you're still not sure if you need denture repair, then let our team know. We will assess your appliance and make recommendations on how to best repair broken dentures.

Why should I get my denture repaired?

Damaged dental appliances can take a toll on your oral health. For example, ill-fitting dentures can cause painful gum irritation and rub the enamel off of your existing teeth, which can lead to tooth decay. Therefore, repairing your denture is just as important as visiting a dentist regularly.

How can you repair my dentures?

At Yukon Dentistry, our dentists and denturists take pride in the exemplary denture repair that we offer our patients when they visit our clinic. Here are just a few ways that we care for your appliances:

  • Denture reline: If your dentures don't fit well anymore, we may suggest a reline.
  • Denture rebase: This replaces the entire plastic base of your denture.
  • Clasp adjustment: If your partial dentures are loose, then we can make minor adjustments to the metal clasps.
  • False tooth replacement: When false teeth break or fall off of your device, we can easily replace them.

A quick appointment with our team will help us determine which repair service you'll need.

Can I fix my dentures myself?

If it's an emergency, denture repair can be done at home using a denture repair kit. However, at-home emergency denture repairs are only a temporary fix. This means that you'll still need to see a qualified denturist for proper care. Nonetheless, dentist-approved denture repair kits will do in a pinch.

Never use super glue or other adhesives that are not dentist-approved to fix broken dentures. These substances may be toxic and harmful to the delicate tissues of the mouth.

Denture Repair in Whitehorse, YT

Whether you need dental work or you're looking for tips and tricks on how to care for your new dentures, our Yukon Dentistry team is here for you. New and existing patients can schedule an appointment by calling us at 867-668-3909 or contacting us online here.

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